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Ermineskin Cree Nation Job Opportunity- Updated: FEBRUARY 6, 2023

February 6, 2023 (1)
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One (1) Early Child Development Worker Level 1 with the Ermineskin Daycare department CLOSING: February 13, 2023 The Supervisor-Childcare worker’s main responsibility is the wellbeing and safety for daycare children assigned under her care. Is required to faithfully fulfill the implementation of the program, services and policies of the Ermineskin daycare. As a representative of the Ermineskin Day care the incumbent must demonstrate kindness, patience, and respect towards all community members in general, and particular towards those who are obtaining services from the daycare. This person must strictly adhere to the code of ethics established by the Ermineskin Daycare centre and taken an oath of confidentiality. The worker shall at all times be governed by the employment policy, and professionally prepared as a daycare worker of young children obtaining level 1, 2, 3, of early childhood development education and first-aid in childcare; able to meet the requirements of the licensing agency. This person must be a Cree speaker and should not have any criminal convictions. HOURS OF WORK: The days and hours of work are Monday to Friday with rotating shifts of 7:45 – 4:45, 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. 72 hrs. Bi-weekly. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The duties of the supervisor –childcare worker-childcare assistant include the following:  Assist in the administration of daycare policies, guidelines and procedures  Assist in the preparation of the calculation of children’s hours.  Supervise room childcare workers  Meet with parents and guardians and discuss children’s progress or incident and accidents reports.  Perform other duties that may be assign by the program coordinator and manger  Care for and supervise the wellbeing of the children at all times  Train level 1 co-workers, if they should be experiencing difficulties within children and program planning. BASIC ABILITIES NEEDED: The supervisor-child care worker-child care Assistant should have:  A warm sympathetic, friendly, personality. She must really enjoy being with children, Show it in her behavior and let children feel they can look to her for protection, help and sympathy  Self-confidence: the supervisor-child care worker must be able to give children the feeling that she knows what she is doing and for what reasons. Her self-confidence helps children feel secure with her. DEPENDABILITY & STABILITY:  Not only should the supervisor-childcare worker-childcare assistant understand her individual Responsibility for safeguarding, protecting and teaching children, but she must be able to use good judgment in emergencies and her reactions to an unusual behavior by children or colleagues. ABILITY TO ACCEPT SUPERVISION:  The supervisor – childcare worker-childcare assistant must be able to learn new concepts and know how and when to use what she has learned. She must be capable of accepting criticism undefensively and of continuing to experiment and willing to try new ideas without fear of failure. GOOD HEALTH:  The supervisor – childcare worker-childcare assistant must be in good physical and mental health, Keeping up physically and active children required vigorous activity and sharing the care of a child and realize that she cannot fulfill own emotional needs by becoming a rival with parents for child’s affection. JOB ROUTINES: DAILY:  Provides children programs schedules daily activities to create a balance between active and quiet play.  Report all accidents or emergencies related to the program  Assist children in their daily routine. MEALS & SNACKS:  Ensure that all staff are sitting down to eat with and supervising children during meals.  Good Manners are suggested; help is offered with children experiencing difficulties.  She does not force children to eat, but encourages them. DIAPER CHANGE & TOILET/HAND WASHING:  The supervisor – childcare worker – childcare assistant accompanies children, as they may need help.  She sets up schedule for taking the children at a few at a time.  She makes sure children learn good habits.  Ensure that co-workers are implementing the diapering and hand washing  Procedures at all times  She ensures that staff is encouraging children to hand wash at all times especially  After washrooms use. SLEEPING OR RESTING/ QUIET TIME:  Supervisor-childcare worker – childcare assistant makes resting time a normal and pleasant part of the routine  The supervisor-childcare worker-childcare assistant does not force the child to sleep but she does not  Expect him/her to rest by rubbing his/her back or using other methods she may fine effective to encourage quiet time. I.e.) allow child to read quietly and sitting on the rest mat. WEEKLY:  Prepare children’s attendance sheet:  Prepare primary staff attendance sheets  Prepare BI-weekly schedule of activities that meet the needs of the children MONTHLY:  Prepare children’s progress form’s  Submit a newsletter on past activities and planned activities to keep parents informed YEARLY:  Have yearly medical JOB DIFFICULTIES:  Supervise fellow room staff members enforcing rules and regulations  Maintain a good relationship with children’s parents SUPERVISING DUTIES: DIRECT - Room co-workers - Children left in your care SUPERVISING OF POSITIONS: DIRECT - Will report to the coordinator and manager, all jobs related activities, Problems and success. - Will do all progress reports for children in her group - Will report to the coordinator and manager of all accidents, illness, success or behavioral problems related to the children in her group - Will submit all reports requested by the manager. RESPONSIBLITIES:  Direct the activities and create a classroom atmosphere in which the children Can grow with according to his/her own needs and capabilities at each stage of growth.  Support the child in the face of conflicts, failures, obstacles and disappointments And help him/her achieve new skills that enable him/her to cope better with similar situations.  Use her special skills to set limits to his/her strides in growth  Talk to children to enhance language development at their level of understanding  Understand that a young child’s behavior is his way of telling her how he feels and watch his behavior closely on how too help and guide the child him/her.  Use non-punitive (punishment) methods of dealing with out-of-bounds behavior always aware the goal is to develop self-discipline not submission.  Provide a variety of materials selected with the development characteristics of the young child  Arrange toys and materials and make space available for their use so that the child can benefit from them at their level to be made accessible, not to restricted from reaching them.  Give the childfree choices of selection of equipment. Observe his/her use of it, stand ready to help him/her and guide them towards new ways of using equipment for enriched achievements.  Make the class room a place where the child finds order but not regimentation, freedom but not license.  Help the child satisfy experience in his/her relationship with other children  Know to make routines, as well as play activities, good learning experiences  Protect the child from dangers  Be aware of the child’s physical condition at all times  Understand the importance of her role as an adult in the life of the child and use this role in reinforce his/her sense of security and belonging.  Get to know the child’s family and be familiar with his/her home situation.

KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES, & SKILLS REQUIRED: Essential Desirable EDUCATION: Grade 10 Grade 12 Willingness to be trained in E.C.D. Trained in E.C.S. EXPERIENCE: Having worked with children LICENSES OR Level 1-Child Development Assistant Qualifications CERTFIFICATES Valid driver’s license and transportation OTHER SKILLS Fluency in Cree Language ADDITIONAL Sobriety, No Criminal Record REQUIREMENTS

Please Submit Application/Resume, updated Criminal Record Check, Child Intervention Check and copies of Certificates.

*Applications and actual job descriptions may be picked up at the Personnel office located in the Ermineskin Tribal Administration office*

Incomplete Applications will automatically be screened out

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ermineskin Cree Nation Phone: (780) 585-3741 ext. 241 or 311 Personnel Department Edmonton Direct: (780) 420-0008 Box 219 Red Deer Direct: (780) 343-1078 Maskwacîs, AB Ma Me O Beach Direct: (780)586-2545 T0C 1N0 Toll Free: 1-866-585-3941 Email:

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