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Maskwacis Employment Center

MEC History

The Maskwacis Employment Center (MEC) was created in partnership with the Ermineskin Cree Nation, Louis Bull Tribe, Montana Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation, Alberta Human Services (Alberta Works), and Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada in 2008.  We officially opened our doors to the public on February 1, 2009.

In developing MEC, the Maskwacis First Nations envisioned a center that was community-based, community-focussed, community-supported and community-directed. To address each individual’s unique needs, a program with a holistic approach that in cooperation with other programs and services addresses the employment needs of the Maskwacis people.


The Maskwacis Employment Center Society empowers the independence of our clients.


MEC successfully assists and promotes the independence of clients to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment through client based services and collaborative partnerships.



Pride and Success

Accountability and Transparency


Collaboration and Networking


Equity and Fairness

Cultural Identity   

Elder Support and Guidance

Board of Directors

Cletus Louis

Samson Cree Nation

Erika Bull-Giroux

Louis Bull Tribe

Phillip Dua

Montana First Nation

Carmen Yellowbird

Samson Cree Nation

Jason Mackinaw

Ermineskin Cree Nation

Leroy Bull

Louis Bull Tribe

Angel Smallboy

Ermineskin Cree Nation

MEC Archives


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