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Ermineskin Cree Nation Job Opportunities- Updated May 23, 2023

May 23, 2023
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Programmer with the Ermineskin Daycare department

CLOSING: May 23, 2023

The person selected for this position must be professionally educated as a child care worker to oversee the Ermineskin Daycare Program. Must possess a level 3 diploma and First Aid Certification. Must be clear of any Criminal Convictions, as required by the Provincial Licensing Agency. This individual must be a fluent Cree speaker with a sensitive caring personality. The person should also have excellent interpersonal skills to enable him/her to communicate positively with both children and adults. These qualities will ensure the delivery of planned programs and will ensure the safety; wellbeing and appropriate development of each child in the Daycare. Applicant must be abstainer from Drugs & Alcohol.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following;  Planning, supervising and implementing the program’s for Ermineskin Daycare Centre. In accordance with the Center’s policies, philosophy, rules and regulations.  To ensure staff are incorporating and integrating the Cree language into their daily planning.  To assist staff with the planning of the weekly theme sheets based on the children’s interests, to be monitored and recorded on a daily basis.  Review all planned theme sheets prior to posting.  To plan field trips in advance and according to the themes, ensuring proper booking and transportation arrangements.  To be available to attend all field trips.  To assist and ensure that the room arrangements are appropriate for the development of each age levels specifies in the daycare licensing guidelines.  To evaluate the rooms on a weekly basis, to ensure all forms are correctly active e.g. Children attendance sign in/out signed by parent, staff signing in/out forms, daily information sheets etc. as specified in the daycare licensing guidelines.  To implement methods of establishing as a positive liaison with staff, parents and children.  To submit a list of supplies and materials needed to manage with a week’s notice.  To keep a daily log and submit a monthly report to management.  Submit a newsletter on a monthly basis.  Review the weekly menus prior to posting and assist with the planning of the weekly menu’s ensuring allergies are posted.  To be available as a childcare worker when necessary.  To be responsible in informing and meeting parents when child is experiencing difficulties and act as a liaison for the child in areas of child development where necessary.  To ensure medication forms are properly filled out and signed by the parent.  To be available to administer medication when necessary.  To assist within the nursing room during fire evacuation drills.  Attend all staff meetings, and set up room meetings with room supervisors.  Assisting in public relations events.  Participating in recommended training programs, conferences, courses and other aspects of professional growth.  Will be responsible with the program planning for the young mother’s.  To assist the staff with the ordered arrangement and décor combing, promoting the Cree curriculum materials within the children’s surroundings.  To assist the staff with the completion of the rating scale (ECERS) (ITERS) ensure the rating scale is done (4) times within the fiscal year and recorded.  To assist staff when required to guide the development of each child’s self-discipline and appropriate development behavior necessary to increase individual self-respect and respect for others in accordance to the discipline policy.  Must be willing to do overtime when necessary.  Updated Child Welfare Check & Criminal Record Check on a yearly basis.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Early Childhood Development certificate Level 3  First Aid Certification  Criminal Record Check  Child Welfare Check  Submit certificates that support your training, education and qualifications.  Application and resume  Fluent Cree speaker  Valid driver’s license and transportation Please Submit Application/Resume, updated Criminal Record Check, Child Intervention Check and copies of Certificates. Administrative Assistant with the Ermineskin Industrial Relations (EIRD) department

CLOSING: May 24, 2023

The position of administrative assistant consists of being responsible for providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations. The Administrative Assistant position reports directly to the department Director/Managers within the department, as they are responsible for ensuring information are distributed properly when given. Hours of Work: Monday to Friday for a total of sixty three (63) hours

Duties:  Answer phone calls and direct calls to appropriate parties or take messages  Maintain filing system for the EIRD department  Check mail and faxes daily  Attend meetings to record and transcribe the minutes from these meetings  Coordinate the business development courses i.e. participant registration, booking meetings rooms, ordering required material as needed  Prepare the bi-weekly time summaries for the EIRD, Panee and NEST Managers  Assist in the preparation of meetings, workshops and seminars  Maintain office supplies for computers and office  Prepare Purchase Orders (P.O’s) for bill payment in conjunction with the Director  Prepare quick pay vouchers  Liaison public relations with the community and outside agencies/businesses  Keep a record of cheques issued i.e. Per Diems, Grants, Wages, Contractors etc.  Ensure all pertinent documents are delivered promptly to the proper department  Maintain the overtime log for the EIRD employees/staff  Update and maintain monthly appointment calendars  Maintain the information wall in the EIRD office with pamphlets, grants broachers, magazines etc.  Ability to handle difficult people and/or situations  Assist in events run by EIRD i.e. Indigenous People’s Day, Treaty “Bobtail” Day and Christmas Hampers  Work overtime when required  Attend training when requested  Assist Director and EIRD Managers as needed Competencies:  Integrity Job requires being honest and ethical.  Attention to detail Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.  Dependability Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.  Cooperation Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.  Well organized and efficient with time management

Requirements:  High school diploma or equivalent;  Book Keeping/planning an Asset  Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite and Google Apps  High attention to detail, decisiveness and strong judgement  Excellent communication (verbal and written), organizational and multi-tasking skills  Strong commitment to confidentiality and professionalism  Travel when required Please Submit Application/Resume, updated Criminal Record Check and copies of Certificates.

One (1) Board Member with the Ermineskin Rural Electrification Association (REA) Board CLOSING: June 1, 2023 The duty of the REA Board members is to serve their community with recommendations, input, and review of various issues facing the Ermineskin Tribe, so that the Ermineskin REA can make the best decisions. The board members are the representatives of the community, so they are also utility ambassadors to the community. Keeping the public informed about the utility’s mission, goals, policies and processes. The role of the Board includes: 1) Organization; 2) Program planning; 3) Goal setting; 4) Decisions concerning budgeting and financial management; and 6) Evaluation of programs.

DUTIES OF THE BOARD: In general: As a board member, you will understand the needs of your community. You will bring this awareness to the full board and be willing to guide Ermineskin REA in meeting those needs. a) Find out where there are unmet needs in your community; b) Gather input from the community about how to meet those needs. Individual board members will attend board meetings and actively participate. a) Be prepared for meetings and read all materials provide b) Be willing to ask questions-exercise healthy skepticism c) Be willing to make decisions. d) Become familiar with agency policies and procedures, organizational structure, decision-making processes, and parliamentary procedure in order to become an effective representative. Board members acting as a team, set policies and goals for Ermineskin REA a) Be knowledgeable about Ermineskin REA operations and program delivery environment. b) Focus on important and long-range issues. c) Bring your experience and knowledge of your community to the table. Board members will exercise fiduciary responsibility for Ermineskin REA. a) Develop the long-range financial plan. b) Review and approve the annual audit to ensure that money is spent responsibly. Board members will play an active role in supporting the Utility manager a) Participate in the annual performance review

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. REA customer or live in a residence that uses REA services 2. Attend regular board meetings 3. Will serve a three (3) year term 4. Must have knowledge of bills and bill payment procedures 5. Must have reliable transportation 6. Read and review all documents issued before or at meetings 7. Required to be willing to devote personal time to workshops and unexpected meetings Please Submit Application/Resume and updated Criminal Record Check.

Child Support Worker with the Ermineskin Women’s Shelter CLOSING: June 7, 2023

In keeping with the philosophy of EWSS, the main objective of this position is to assist children to cope with the violence they have witnessed and/or experienced in their lives. The Child Support Worker will assist children in crisis by organizing play activities which provide an outlet for expression of feelings while learning. In addition, the Child Support Worker will assist women with child management techniques and to address parenting issues and concerns. The Child Support Worker, will when necessary, refers children and mothers to appropriate community resources. SCOPE: The incumbent is directly responsible to the EWSS Director and works closely with the Family Counselor, Out Reach Worker and the Crisis Intervention Worker. Title of Reporting to: EWSS Director Hours: Four (4) days a week for 28 hours weekly for a total of 56 hours bi-weekly from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Rate: $25.00 per hour with NO group benefits or pension. Specific Responsibilities and Duties: 1. Program Service and Delivery: a) To promote children’s development and learning through play and age appropriate activities. b) To plan, prepare and implement field trips and special event activities. c) Prepare post and monitor a schedule of weekly childcare activities. d) To co-facilitate support groups for children ages 5-12 who witness family violence. e) To provide crisis intervention activities to help children identify and deal with feelings. f) To develop treatment strategies in helping children develop coping mechanisms. g) Complete Child Intake documentation with mothers and provide them with clear explanations regarding the Children’s Co-ordinator role and children program activities. h) Orientate children (when age appropriate) to the house and playroom explaining house rules, children activities, school program etc. i) When child abuse indicators are present, obtain further corroborating information and explain child protection procedures to the mother. Ensure that Child Welfare protocol is followed, report forms as properly completed, and attend consultation meetings with Child Welfare workers. j) Liaise with schools when necessary, make referrals to appropriate child or family agencies away in development of any action plans. k) Undertake any advocacy mediator role in order to assist children to develop positive relationships with parent, staff and peers. l) Organize gifts and prepare nutritious snacks for children and supervise clean up. m) Organize gifts and decorations for children’s birthday parties and special holidays. 2. Program Maintenance: a) Responsible for the cleaning/disinfecting and general care and maintenance of toys, equipment and play area (inside and outside). b) Identify toy, material and equipment needs and ordering within budget guidelines. c) To maintain and update resource library of written literature, videos and resources. d) To develop and implement daily program for children and provide guidance and assistance to women. e) To develop programs and activities around children’s interests in order to enhance learning and exploration. f) Provide or ensure adequate supervision of children during play and outings. g) Prepare weekend/holiday children’s activities in advance for staff and volunteers. 3. Administration: a) To design, maintain and update written forms, parenting handouts, activity sheets and materials. b) May conduct research, publish research papers, educational texts and articles and deliver presentations at conferences. c) Maintain monthly program statistical reports for purposes of evaluation and research. d) Prepare and submit a monthly/annual summary report on the Child Support Care program to the EWSS Director and Board of Directors. e) To record objective observations re: a child’s social, emotional and behavioral state in order to make referrals. f) Contribute to the development and submission of funding proposals for the children’s program as required. g) Assist in all fund raising activities and other agency functions. h) Attendance at staff meetings and other agency functions. i) Participation in all in-service training opportunities and be involved in regular and ad-hoc staff meetings as required. 4. Education/Advocacy: a) To provide educational workshops and presentations to community agencies and clients. b) To promote healthy parent/child interaction by positive role modeling, support and information. c) To provide information on the aspects of wife assault and effects of violence on children. d) To support clients in their contacts with legal system in terms of preparation for court/court appearance. 5. Public Relations/Supervision: a) To liaise with professionals in other community agencies to target specific needs of children. b) To provide orientation, supervision and evaluation of volunteers, summer staff and student placements. c) To be knowledgeable in the area of Child Abuse and report suspected child abuse to child protection agency. 6. Other: a) Other relevant duties as required by the Director. Qualifications: Knowledge: • Minimum Child and Youth Care Certificate/Diploma or experience in working in a related family violence or field of counselling mental or related social service. • Board may consider like working experience in lieu of some or all of the academic qualifications. • Knowledge of the effects of family violence on women and children. • Knowledge of the legal and court system • Knowledge of child development and stages of learning • Knowledge of play and importance to a child’s development • Knowledge of child abuse • Knowledge of parenting issues and concerns Skills: • Standard First Aid Certificate, CPR and Infant CPR. • Planning and implementing art and play activities. • Behavior management techniques. • Cultural sensitivity and knowledge of the community, traditions and values. • Working knowledge of and sensitivity to Aboriginal and multicultural issues. • Interpersonal communication skills. • Counseling and crisis intervention skills. • Office organizational management skills. • Valid driver’s license and must own a reliable vehicle. • Criminal Record Check • CWIS Check. Please Submit Application/Resume, copies of Certificates, updated Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check.

*Applications and actual job descriptions may be picked up at the Personnel office located in the Ermineskin Tribal Administration office*

Incomplete Applications will automatically be screened out

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ermineskin Cree Nation Phone: (780) 585-3741 ext. 241 or 311 Personnel Department Edmonton Direct: (780) 420-0008 Box 219 Red Deer Direct: (780) 343-1078 Maskwacîs, AB Ma Me O Beach Direct: (780)586-2545 T0C 1N0 Toll Free: 1-866-585-3941 Email:

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