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Youth Wellness Worker- Community Wellness

Community wellness job posting for youth wellness worker
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Reports to: Community Wellness Manager/Outreach Team Leader

The Youth Wellness Worker will provide a holistic health program that features health promotion and health prevention activities engaging with youth from 7 years – 24 years. Emotional support and crisis management are other priority services. Youth Wellness include linkages to other community programs and agencies to facilitate contacts and services that include; education, advocacy, employment needs, and mental health.


❖ Developing linkages and maintaining effective working relationships with other community services/agencies,

❖ Ensure data, forms, reports and other necessary documentation is accurate and submitted in the timelines outlined in the manuals,

❖ Plan, facilitate and/or coordinate: ● evidence- based wellness (holistic health) related primary and secondary prevention workshops, ● programs and/or presentations for youth, families, schools and/or the community using appropriate resources and technology (topics in grief and loss, stress management, self-esteem, suicide prevention, addictions, etc.

❖ Collaborate on the planning and implementation of a variety of community events to promote the personal, family and community wellness of youth.

❖ Engage youth in the development of a wellness plan.

❖ Participate as a member of the community emergency response team

❖ Prepare clear, concise and accurate monthly reports.

❖ Develop, implement and/or coordinate a variety of mental health-related healing activities.

❖ Other duties assigned by the Manager/Team Lead.

Required Organizational Skills:

● Maintaining Oath of Confidentiality,

● Must be able to communicate and build a rapport with youth,

● Develop a trusting relationship with the youth,

● Must maintain their Oath of Confidentiality,

● Must be dependable,

● Willing to travel.

Education: ➔ Experience working with at risk populations, ➔ Knowledge of the Cree language and culture, ➔ Excellent communication skills, written and oral, ➔ Facilitation skills

Required Documentation: ➔ Copy of Valid Driver’s License ➔ Criminal Record Check ➔ Child Intervention Check ➔ Updated Resume with names and contact information of 3 references

Please submit the required documentation to:


Phone number: 780-585-3793


Deadline for Applications: October 6, 2023

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