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The following positions are available within Ermineskin Cree Nation-Updated: April 13, 2023

April 13, 2023
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Tribal Administrator with the Ermineskin Administration department CLOSING: April 13, 2023 **Three Year Contract**

Under the direction of the Chief and Council; the Tribal Administrator oversees the operational activities of the Ermineskin Cree Nation and administers plans, supervises and coordinates the affairs in accordance with the policies or in absence of such the direction as decision making from Council.

To exercise control of Tribal Policies, to further safeguard the interests of the Membership and employees. To supervise the work of all senior staff and provide assistance in leadership and training in all aspects of the organization. To be aware of the prevailing membership attitudes including the Social and Economic conditions as judgment of this nature are required in determining the needs and requests of the membership in conjunction with Policies and Budget provisions. The Administrator must promote and encourage the participation of staff in their development, have knowledge of the organizational affairs, and discuss staff grievances objectively. The position requires contact with departments, members and outside agencies. The administrator shall not sit on any Committees or Boards. The Administrator must be knowledgeable of all government legislation (local, provincial, national and international) which are pertinent to administrative procedures and operations.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. To work and maintain good working relationships, in a businesslike manner with the Chief, Councilors, Directors, Managers, other ECN Staff and the Tribal Membership.

2. To carry out duties as assigned (within their authority) by the Chief and/or Council.

3. Attend meetings and public appointments as requested/directed by Chief and/or Council.

4. To coordinate and chair Senior Staff meetings as required; purpose: 4.1.1. Obtain information/inform of upcoming week(s) events; 4.1.2. Provide direction as to delegation of duties; 4.1.3. Specify time frame; and 4.1.4. Review and amend Council agendas.

5. To chair monthly Directors meetings.

6. To attend monthly Directors/Managers meetings and provide guidance and direction (as required).

7. To ensure that various Committee Activity Reports are submitted on a monthly basis.

8. Ensure department budgets are monitored by Directors/Managers and Finance so that departments stay within their budgeted yearly amounts. This may also require speaking on recommendations for each dept. during the budget process.

9. To ensure staff is available to assist Tribal members with their requests and direct them to the right department as to where their request would fall under.

10. Approve all vouchers that are over the limits established for Directors or Managers, plus adhere to all Policies, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and be knowledgeable of them.

11. Ensure that the Communications Manager keeps the Tribal Members informed of the Operations and Business activities of the Ermineskin Cree Nation, including any changes to By-Laws, Policies and Programs/Services.

12. In absence of Directors/Managers signs off approvals for all documentation presented by department staff.

13. Assist in matters where the Director or Manager requires assistance – i.e. - provide guidance, recommendations or decisions when they encounter problems or concerns.

14. Perform Director Evaluations annually.

15. Ensure that the Chief and Council are engaged in developing plans (Strategic Planning) to guide the operation of the organization in an effective and efficient manner.

16. Responsible for the accumulation of the annual budgets and to ensure that management always has involvement. Provide Council with an Overview Summary; To obtain: 16.1.1. Quarterly departmental reports; and 16.1.2. To address concerns or problems and maintain proper departmental report files.

17. To ensure Personnel conduct at least two in-house seminars or workshops that would educate the Managers or Directors pertaining to a current administrative/managerial topic.

18. Review Director or Senior Staff job descriptions and amend accordingly. Provide revised copy to individual and Personnel.

19. To implement, execute or follow-up on approved Chief and Council direction or policies.

20. To inform Council of any Concerns/Problems affecting Tribal Custom.

21. Provide recommendations on issues that affect the operations or planning of Ermineskin Cree Nation. To report to Council in summary form a progress report of departmental achievements or accomplishments, including any other relevant meetings. 22. To assist in the annual financial statements audit. 23. To inform applicable person/department of correspondence received that they should be made aware of. 24. To execute all of Ermineskin Cree Nation agreements or contract per the Financial regulations.


1. Diploma/Degree in Business Administration/Management or related field.

2. Five (5) years Management Experience.

3. Willingness to sign a three (3) year Employee Contract.

4. Must be computer literate.

5. Must submit a Clean Criminal Record Check along with Resume; Cover letter and letters of references.

6. Must have valid driver’s license, and submit Drivers’ Abstract.

7. Must have own transportation.

8. Must be able to understand and speak Cree.

Please submit your complete application/resume, Cover letter, Letters of Reference, updated Clean Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable Sector Check, Driver Abstract and copies of Certificates.

One (1) Member with the Ermineskin Pow Wow Committee

The Ermineskin Powwow Committee is responsible for hosting the Annual Ermineskin Cree Nation Powwow. The committee is responsible for fundraising and organizing all related activities.

MUST have reliable means of transportation to work bingos and other fundraising activities.

DUTIES:  Attend regular monthly meetings.  Work bingos two (2) to three (3) times a month during the day.  Participate in all fundraising activities.  Be present throughout the duration of the three (3) year term and during the powwow, to carry out their fair share of duties.  As a representative of the Ermineskin Cree Nation must conduct themselves in a respectful, friendly manner at all times. SPECIFICATIONS:  Must be an Ermineskin Tribal member, eighteen (18) years or older.  Must have own transportation and valid driver's license.  Must work as part of a team.  Must not sit on any other Ermineskin board/committee.  Must possess strong interpersonal skills; -Communication -Creativity -Commitment -Motivation -Cooperation  Must be able to deal respectfully with the general public.  Must be an abstainer from Alcohol & Drugs.  Must possess a working knowledge of the language, customs and traditions of the Ermineskin Cree Nation.  Must be capable of working long hours.  If employed, must defer holidays from the powwow weekend & prior to.  Must possess good writing skills.  Computer Skills must be an asset.  Proposal writing and fundraising techniques.  No Board OR Committee shall have 2 immediate family members on the same Board/Committee. Immediate defined as father, mother, son, daughter brother or sister.

One (1) Board Member with the Ermineskin Rural Electrification Association (REA) Board

The duty of the REA Board members is to serve their community with recommendations, input, and review of various issues facing the Ermineskin Tribe, so that the Ermineskin REA can make the best decisions. The board members are the representatives of the community, so they are also utility ambassadors to the community. Keeping the public informed about the utility’s mission, goals, policies and processes.

The role of the Board includes: 1) Organization;

2) Program planning;

3) Goal setting;

4) Decisions concerning budgeting and financial management;

and 5) Evaluation of programs.

DUTIES OF THE BOARD: In general: As a board member, you will understand the needs of your community. You will bring this awareness to the full board and be willing to guide Ermineskin REA in meeting those needs. a) Find out where there are unmet needs in your community; b) Gather input from the community about how to meet those needs. Individual board members will attend board meetings and actively participate. a) Be prepared for meetings and read all materials provide b) Be willing to ask questions-exercise healthy skepticism c) Be willing to make decisions. d) Become familiar with agency policies and procedures, organizational structure, decision-making processes, and parliamentary procedure in order to become an effective representative. Board members acting as a team, set policies and goals for Ermineskin REA a) Be knowledgeable about Ermineskin REA operations and program delivery environment. b) Focus on important and long-range issues. c) Bring your experience and knowledge of your community to the table. Board members will exercise fiduciary responsibility for Ermineskin REA. a) Develop the long-range financial plan. b) Review and approve the annual audit to ensure that money is spent responsibly. Board members will play an active role in supporting the Utility manager a) Participate in the annual performance review

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. REA customer or live in a residence that uses REA services 2. Attend regular board meetings 3. Will serve a three (3) year term 4. Must have knowledge of bills and bill payment procedures 5. Must have reliable transportation 6. Read and review all documents issued before or at meetings 7. Required to be willing to devote personal time to workshops and unexpected meetings

Please Submit Application/Resume and updated Criminal Record Check.

I.T. Manager with the Ermineskin I.T. and Communications department CLOSING: May 1, 2023

The I.T. Manager will be responsible for overseeing all technology operations, maintaining information systems and networks, upgrading and installing new hardware and software, performing troubleshooting, backing up data and managing network security. Reports to: Tribal Administrator and I.T.

Director Duties and Responsibilities:  Oversee all technology operations and evaluate them according to established goals  Analyze the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs  Purchase efficient and cost effective technological equipment and software  Inspect the use of technological equipment and software to ensure functionality and efficiency  Identify the need for upgrades, configurations or new systems and execute selected options as authorized  Supervise and mentor IT Department employees  Prepare and control budget in coordination with ECN Finance Department  Provide reflective and informed IT management by keeping up to date with advancements and best practices in IT administration  Monitoring and maintaining all IT devices, networks and servers as well as upgrading, installing and configuring new hardware and software to meet Ermineskin Cree Nation objectives  Implementing security protocols and procedures to prevent potential threats, preparing and implementing disaster recovery plan including process documentation, creating back up and archiving  Creating user accounts and performing access control  Performing diagnostic tests and debugging procedures to optimize computer systems.  Designing and implementing efficient end-user feedback and error reporting systems  Assist in building relationships with vendors and creating cost-efficient contracts related to IT projects and initiatives Technical Qualifications & Skills:  Up to date knowledge of best practices in IT administration and system security, and industry certification  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, interpersonal and communication skills  Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications  Sound understanding of computer systems (hardware/software), networks etc.  Experience in controlling information technology budget  Be able to provide general up-keep and maintenance of network infrastructure, server/host, web server and provide technical/computer related support to various internal teams/departments.  Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and implementations, business analysis tools and approaches (manage communication and provide risk, gap, and requirements gathering & analysis)  Experience in working with third party service provider for special projects such as customized system development and implementation Requirements:  A University degree in a professional discipline (i.e. computer science, information technology, information systems, or a similar program)  Seven (7) years’ progressive experience with IT systems, networks, and related technologies, including large technology implementation project experience with demonstrated ability to execute from the requirements-gathering phase through deployment, preferably in an aboriginal environment  Strong leadership and ability to work collaboratively with multiple levels of the organization to ensure smooth delivery of projects on-time and within budget  Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time  Proven strong leadership skills and the ability to coach and lead staff in project management practices  Proven technical skills in wireless data communication, Microsoft Windows network management, ability to provide guidance to other IT staff on adopting the best practices in network management  Excellent communication and consulting skills to assist in building strong relationships with business users, team members, and service providers  Be positive, self-motivated, and adept at learning new technologies and techniques  Ability to work alone or in a team environment  Exceptional leadership, organizational, communication and time management skills  Well organized and efficient with time management

Please Submit Application/Resume, Copies of Certificates and updated Criminal Record Check.

*Applications and actual job descriptions may be picked up at the Personnel office located in the Ermineskin Tribal Administration office*

Incomplete Applications will automatically be screened out


Ermineskin Cree Nation

Box 219 Maskwacis AB, T0C 1N0

Phone: (780) 585-3741 ext. 241 or 311 Personnel Department

Edmonton Direct: (780) 420-0008

Red Deer Direct: (780) 343-1078

Ma Me O Beach Direct: (780)586-2545

Toll Free: 1-866-585-3941


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