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Ermineskin Cree Nation Job Opportunities- Updated MAY 21, 2024

May 21, 2024
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The following positions are available within Ermineskin Cree Nation

Updated: May 21, 2024

Position(s) with Department and Closing Date:

Requirements and Qualifications: Office Clerk with the Ermineskin CMHC/ Property Management department

CLOSING: May 21, 2024

The Office Clerk position is an administrative support position for effective operations of the CMHC office. This position is under the direction of the CMHC Manager.

The Office Clerk will be the first point of contact for the CMHC office which requires this individual to possess strong interpersonal skills and a high level of professionalism while adhering to strict confidentiality.

The Office Clerk is responsible for the daily administrative tasks as they arise, most importantly, to manage the emergency service calls for CMHC houses during the business hours; maintain office files and CMHC house files.


➢ Maintain the office area in a professional manner, greeting staff and public and respond professionally with requests, questions, and services as required.

➢ Take all incoming calls, and forward messages to appropriate staff. Perform follow up tasks based on incoming calls as required.

➢ Organize and maintain the CMHC office files such as paylists, vendors, vouchers, any CMHC correspondence.

➢ Maintain and continuously update the CMHC tenant files ensuring that correspondence is appropriately filed.

➢ Take emergency service calls during the business hours and assign appropriate contractors to address each emergency service.

➢ Ensure the emergency service calls are followed through and completed by contacting the contractors for report of work completed and verifying with home occupants.

➢ Ensure emergency service call work orders are filled out for every emergency service call and provided to contractor to report on work done.

➢ File emergency service work orders to appropriate house file for record keeping. ➢ Track all emergency service calls, and other services provided by CMHC by recording them on a spreadsheet for annual reporting.

➢ Prepare and process vouchers for payment ensuring proper financial coding for signing by the manager and distribute cheques to appropriate vendors, contractors, public.

➢ Assist the CMHC Manager and Executive Assistant with programs, events, special projects, and any other events as required.

➢ Other duties as assigned by the CMHC Manager.


➢ Demonstrates commitment to accuracy and attention to detail.

➢ Balances demands and deadlines with a clear and structured approach. .

➢ Ability to stay focused on assigned tasks and complete them.

➢ Manages time effectively to meet deadlines of assigned tasks.

➢ Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

➢ Punctual and excellent work ethic.


➢ Excellent verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated ability to adapt communication style suitable for wide range of individual needs.

➢ Experience utilizing online design tools, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher Microsoft Office tools.

➢ Employs a high degree of professionalism in all situations with public and co-workers.

➢ Responsible for maintaining accurate up to date and useable information.

➢ Follows direction well.


1. Training or certificate in Office Administration.

2. Two or more years of experience in Office, Administrative, or clerical duties.

3. Valid driver license and reliable transportation.

4. Understanding Plains Cree is an asset.

5. Submit a clear Criminal Record Check.

6. Sign and Adhere to Oath of Confidentiality. Please submit your complete Application/Resume and Updated Clean Criminal

Record Check Manager with the Ermineskin Lands & Resources Management department

CLOSING: May 21, 2024

Under the immediate supervision of the External Affairs and Governance Director, the Manager is responsible for the administration of the Lands and Resources Department and supervising and managing employees under the Land and Resources Department.

The position requires contact with other Tribal Departments, ECN citizens and outside agencies. Due to the scope of responsibilities, the Manager shall NOT sit as a member on any Committees or Boards.

Job Duties

1. Adhere to the Chain-of-Command.

2. Work with the External Affairs and Governance Director in the development of the Ermineskin Land tenure system.

3. Ensure regular and consistent communication is maintained with the Director of External Affairs and Governance.

4. Always maintain professional decorum and a high level of staff morale.

5. Liaise between land occupant and lease holder.

6. Maintain a Land Registry Record.

7. Responsible to maintain, update and implement ECN Land Law, land disputes procedures, and the land tenure system.

8. Monitor and ensure lease agreements compliance.

9. Ensure all land occupants files include copies of Personal Identification of the assigned Land Occupant(s).

10. Ensure Land Occupants receive a copy of the Land Lease for their personal records.

11. Ensure lease agreements, land files and other documents are properly stored and secured.

12. Ensure all Lands data, records and files are entered into a records management system and up to date.

13. When approved by Council and in coordination with the Restorative Justice Coordinator prepare and compile reports that will be required for the Land Dispute Tribunals.

14. Prepare land re-allotment applications with supporting personal identifications, signatures and documents for Director of External Affairs and Governance review and Council approval.

15. Prepare the Lands and Resources annual budget.

16. Ensure Lands and Resources financial records are reconciled with the ECN Finance Department monthly.

17. Ensure all anticipated accurate Permit Fees from farmers are received, photocopied, filed, and deposited in a timely manner from Farmers.

18. Ensure all Land Lease Payments to Land Occupants are photocopied and received by the correct person(s).

19. Ensure copies of the Lands Lease payments to Land Occupants are photocopied for ECN Land Occupant files.

20. Review annually and implement the department’s Strategic Plan.

21. Supervise staff daily duties according to their job descriptions and delegate duties when necessary.

22. Designate and oversee research projects assigned to staff under Lands & Resources.

23. Adhere to and enforce the Ermineskin Cree Nation Personnel Policies and all other applicable ECN policies within the department.

24. Conduct annual employee performance evaluations of Land and Resources employees.

25. Prepare briefing notes, updates, correspondence, and documents in relation to Lands when requested by the Director of External Affairs and Governance.

26. Make presentations to Chief and Council as requested.

27. Attending meetings as directed by the Director of External Affairs and Governance.

28. Maintain good working professional relationships with all other ECN staff and citizens.

29. Maintain good working professional relationships with all Farmers and external entities.

30. Ensure the Chief Dan Minde/Planning and Research Building is always clean and safe.

Job Qualifications:

1. A post-secondary education undergraduate degree, preferably in Land Management, Land Agent, or equivalent.

2. Must have three (3) letters of work references.

3. Must have at least three (3) years’ experience in management.

4. Must have at least three (3) years’ of financial management experience.

5. Must have at least three (3) years’ of file management experience.

6. Must have some knowledge of the Indian Land Registry System (ILRS).

7. Must have the capacity to do research with department related work and projects.

8. Must have current knowledge of the agricultural industry, oil and gas industry, and environmental laws and hazards i.e. hazardous pesticides, etc.

9. Must have knowledge of the history of lands and land titles within ECN.

10. Enjoy work that is secure and requires a high level of accuracy.

11. Must have exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail.

12. Must lead the Lands Staff by example with punctuality; possess integrity and high ethical standards.

13. Must have good written and verbal communication skills.

14. Must be able to give and take directions.

15. Must be self-motivated.

16. Must have own transportation.

17. Have a working knowledge of the Cree language, customs, and traditions of ECN. 18. Computer literate.

19. Must have knowledge and experience in government-to-government negotiations.

20. Must understand contracts and lease agreements and occupancy rights.

21. Knowledgeable on a variety of subjects (farming practices, remediation, reclamation, lease site construction, etc.).

22. Must have some knowledge of legislative requirements or related land experience.

Salary: Negotiable

Please submit your complete Application/Resume, Three (3) Letters of Work References and Updated Clean Criminal Record Check.

Receptionist with the Ermineskin Office Administration department

CLOSING: May 28, 2024

Under the supervision of the Office Manager the successful candidate is to perform a variety of functions including the maintenance of the telephone operating system. This individual is to establish and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the reception area. Perform other related duties and follow all the requirements of the Ermineskin Cree Nation Policies. The responsibility of this position will reflect excellent customer service to the public and maintain confidentiality of business matters. Hours of Work: Monday to Friday excluding every second Friday from 8:30 – 4:30 p.m. for Sixty-three (63) hours bi-weekly.


➢ Maintain the office area in a professional manner.

➢ Answer the telephone in a pleasant, polite courteous manner and take messages for all staff.

➢ Record all incoming calls.

➢ Direct customers to people in the office who may be able to assist them.

➢ Assist with any questions and bring concerns they may have to the Manager

. ➢ Maintain the personnel bulletin board, located in the front reception area.

➢ Maintain Council bulletin board, located in the front reception area.

➢ Maintain the Council Chambers for booking.

➢ Tracking staffs’ coming and going

➢ High degree of quality communications between the various departments

➢ Accountable for appointments and scheduling them properly on the days and times specified, also reminding people of these appointments.

➢ Must be aware of the operations of an organization and be aware of the privacy act and confidential information.

➢ Must be confident about using computers and IT software applications that are necessary for the job.

➢ Make long-distance telephone calls for staff in the building.

➢ Able to understand the Cree language an asset.

➢ Arrange for Courier pick up.

➢ Must be willing to take training courses as required.


➢ High School or equivalent

➢ Experience is an asset but not necessary.

➢ Must be computer literate.

➢ Must have excellent interpersonal skills.

➢ Must have strong communication skills (verbal and written)

➢ Must be punctual.

➢ Friendly and approachable personality

➢ Criminal record check

➢ Two (2) letters of reference Please submit your complete Application/Resume, two (2) Letters of References and Updated

Clean Criminal Record Check.

One (1) Female Outreach Crisis Prevention Workers with the Ermineskin Brighter Futures department

CLOSING: June 5, 2024

A Crisis Prevention Worker is a mental health professional specializing in providing counseling and support services to individuals under emotional distress often caused by mental and behavioral issues, conducting interventions as needed. A Crisis Prevention Worker engages with clients of all ages, requiring them to be proactive at all times.

Job Duties:

1. Meet with clients to assess their progress, give support and discuss any difficulties or problems.

2. Review client background information, interview clients to obtain case history and prepare intake reports.

3. Assess client’s relevant skill strengths and needs.

4. Assist clients to sort out options and develop plans of action while providing necessary support and assistance.

5. Participate in the selection and admission of clients to appropriate programs.

6. Implement active life skills workshops, substance abuse treatment programs, behavior management programs, youth services programs and other community and social service programs under the supervision of social services or health care professionals.

7. Provide crisis intervention and emergency shelter services.

8. Implement and organize the delivery of specific services within the community.

9. Maintain contact with other social service agencies and health care providers involved with clients to provide information and obtain feedback on client’s overall progress.

10. Mobilize and coordinate volunteer resources and activities for a range of organizations such as human services agencies, health care facilities, arts and sports, etc.

11. Find placements for patients needing inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations and provide community referrals to those requiring lower levels of care.

12. Notify your supervisor if clarification of a policy, procedure or safe work practice is needed.

13. Use initiative to reduce risk and apply discretion to solve problems, within scope of authority.


- Post Secondary Education Diploma or Degree in Social/Health Science disciplines, Human Services or combined education with several years of related experience.

- Successful completion of mandatory training requirements including but not limited to WHMIS, ASIST, NVCI and First Aide/CPR.

- Knowledge of Community

- Punctual & Responsible

- Must have a Valid Driver’s License

- Reliable Transportation

- Child Welfare Check

- Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check

- Drivers Abstract

Please Submit Application/Resume, updated Criminal Record Check, Child Welfare Check, Driver Abstract and copies of Certificates.

Applications and actual job descriptions may be picked up at the Personnel office located in the Ermineskin Tribal Administration office

Incomplete Applications will automatically be screened out

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ermineskin Cree Nation Phone: (780) 585-3741 ext. 241 or 311 Personnel Department Edmonton Direct: (780) 420-0008 Box 219 Red Deer Direct: (780) 343-1078 Maskwacîs, AB Ma Me O Beach Direct: (780)586-2545 T0C 1N0 Toll Free: 1-866-585-3941 Email:

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