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Ermineskin Cree Nation Job Opportunities

June 26, 2024
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The following positions are available within Ermineskin Cree Nation

Updated: JUNE 26, 2024

Position(s) with Department and Closing Date: Description, Requirements and Qualifications: Director with the Ermineskin Health and Wellness department CLOSING: July 8, 2024 Three (3) Year Contract*

The incumbent is responsible in overseeing the operations of Ermineskin Cree Nation departments under the Health & Wellness: Brighter Futures, Community Wellness, Community Events, Parks & Recreation and Arena. The Health & Wellness Director will ensure the division’s departments operate according to policies, budgets, and strategic plans. The Director will provide leadership and assist managers with all aspects of management i.e. planning, policy development and budget controls and act as a liaison between Managers and Tribal Administrator. The position is under the supervision of the Tribal Administrator.

Job Duties:

1. Manage and supervise management under the Health & Wellness Division: Brighter Futures, Community Wellness, Community Events, Parks & Recreation, and Arena.

2. Perform annual performance evaluations of management staff under the Health & Wellness division.

3. Provide and assist Managers with leadership, management and identifying specific skills development training based on evaluations.

4. Ensure that Managers comply with ECN Personnel Polices, finance policies, bylaws, and other program applicable policies within their departments and with their staff.

5. Coordinate monthly departmental meetings with Managers.

6. Ensure and coordinate annual strategic planning reviews for all Health & Wellness departments.

7. Ensure division managers develop annual work plans with goals/objectives from the department strategic plans.

8. Ensure department managers report on their work plans, goals/objectives in their quarterly reports.

9. Report monthly and quarterly to the Tribal Administrator on departmental activities and concerns.

10. Attending meetings as they relate to Community Services or as directed by the Tribal Administrator and the Chief and Council.

11. Participate in the HUB meetings and ensure Health & Wellness managers affiliated with HUB also attend the HUB meetings consistently.

12. Assist and support managers with budget controls, budget development and the annual budget process.

13. Closely monitor department budgets and make recommendations for improvements.

14. Approve, recommend, review, evaluate and approve documents, briefs, and reports by division managers.

15. Participate and support management staff with their reports to the membership at general meetings.

16. Responsible for follow-up and implementing directives from Chief and Council and the Tribal Administrator as it relates to departments within the Health & Wellness division.

17. Perform all other related duties as directed by the Tribal Administrator. Qualifications: • Post Secondary education in Administration, Management, Business, or related field. • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in management or experience in a supervisory capacity. • Administration/management training is priority with experience in maintaining a Strategic Plan. • Proven strong leadership and giving direction. • Experience preparing annual budgets, budget maintenance and analysis. • Knowledge of computers such as Word, database, and spreadsheets. • Proven excellent communications skills – in person and in writing. • Fluency in Cree language is an asset. • Excellent inter-personal skills, ability to work with others, supervisory and the public.

Please Submit Application/Resume, updated Criminal Record Check and copies of Certificates.

Homes Maintenance Technician with the Ermineskin CMHC/Property Management department

CLOSING: July 8, 2024

Under the direction of the CMHC Manager, the CMHC Homes Maintenance Technician is responsible for providing general maintenance to all CMHC Homes to promote the longevity of ECN/CMHC Homes. The main duties involve performing general regular maintenance duties on the CMHC HOMES and coordinating repairs for interior issues such as flooring, ceiling, walls, minor plumbing, and electrical; as well as exterior issues such roofs, soffits, facia, eavestroughs, and grading. Scheduling services that require specialized repairs such as septic and HVAC systems. Also, oversee specialized projects such as RRAP, HASI, ERP, etc. that may be occurring during the year. This position will be required to respond to emergency maintenance calls after hours and on weekends.


1. Maintain daily communication with the CMHC Manager on work completed and any major repairs that require approval.

2. Ensure respectful and consistent communication with CHMC home occupants regarding maintenance of their home and any other recommendations.

3. Maintain a written record of work done on all CMHC Homes in coordination with the CMHC Management team.

4. Respond to emergency service calls by either attending to the call or coordinating a response to the emergency service which includes after hours or weekends.

5. Maintain and carry out a calendar of monthly and annual CMHC HOME maintenance schedule and repairs.

6. Provide general handy work including regular maintenance, minor plumbing specifically toilets, faucets, and drain issues, and minor electrical and patch and paint repairs.

7. Prepare estimates on major repairs that require hiring specialized service contractor.

8. Visit work sites ensuring contractor is following timeline of the contract and working toward completion of the job in a timely manner.

9. Must be able to deal with contractors and vendors to resolve issues that may arise.

10. Assist CMHC management team to develop Scopes of Work on major projects.

11. Facilitate regular inspections on major projects and perform final inspections on completed emergency jobs.

12. Maintain homes by carrying out variety of activities or coordination such as repairs, general upkeep, pest control, carpentry, grading, etc.

13. Follow-up with maintenance and closing off services on CMHC units where occupants have vacated either by eviction, fire, or other manner.

14. Schedule and coordinate contractors; sub-contractors; materials and equipment to construction or major repair locations.

15. Participate as a team with the EPM maintenance personnel and contractors to guarantee quality of services.

16. Keep storage bay area clean and continuous inventory of storage CMHC C-cans.

17. Ensure proper and regular maintenance of the Shop Truck.

18. Other duties as directed and as required, completing tasks assigned by the manager.


1. Demonstrates commitment to accuracy and attention to detail.

2. Balances demands and deadlines with a clear and structured approach.

3. Ability to stay focused on assigned tasks.

4. Excellent time management skills to meet deadlines of assigned tasks.

5. Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

6. Punctual and excellent work ethic, and self-motivated.


1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated ability to adapt communication style suitable for wide range of individual needs.

2. Demonstrated experience in compiling and presenting reports.

3. Employs a high degree of professionalism in all situations with the public and co-workers.

4. Responsible for maintaining accurate up to date and usable information for CMHC Projects.

QUALIFICATIONS: • Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in general building maintenance and estimating. • Must have some training in Construction Trades. • Knowledgeable in current building construction, plumbing, electrical codes. • Ability to interpret maintenance instructions, manuals, safety rules, and other documents. • Be able to provide estimates on any work projects as expected. • Ability to write reports as necessary.

REQUIREMENTS: • Valid Class 5 Drivers License and submit a Drivers Abstract. • Must have own tools. • May be required to do heavy lifting. • Adhere to Oath of Confidentiality. • Knowledge of the Cree language is an asset. Please Submit Application/Resume, copies of Certificates, updated Criminal Record Check and Driver Abstract.

Manager with the Ermineskin Technical Services department

CLOSING: July 11, 2024

Under the direction of the Essential Services Director, the Manager for Technical Services is responsible for managing the activities of this department which is comprised of grounds maintenance, streetlight electrical maintenance, water & sewer maintenance for the core area, water conditioning, building maintenance, water delivery to tribal member homes, capital projects, waste collection & waste disposal and the waste transfer station. Reports to: Essential Services Director Responsibilities and Duties:

➢ Manage the workforce and review program schedules, per the program identified above and coordinate the development of the work plans in conjunction with the budget process.

➢ Improve and implement integrated systems of employees, materials and equipment by measuring work performance (annual staff evaluations/training) establishing work standards and specifications, establishing and managing quality standards and enhancing systems operations (policies/procedures) which will increase quality and production.

➢ Develop and set up systems to control workflow, materials flow, paperwork/correspondence and quality assurance of work conducted or services provided by Ermineskin Technical Services (follow up procedures for departmental work plans).

➢ Attend job sites with staff and utilize preventative measures for potential difficulties that may arise (health issues pertaining to water, wastewater and waste collection).

➢ Address concerns/complaints through various means including emails, correspondence, telephone, messages and direct contact received from staff members, contractors, tribal members in all area pertaining to Ermineskin Technical Services including Pigeon Lake and off-reserve (members living on corporate owned lands in Alberta) for the abovementioned programs and services.

➢ Assist in the process of tendering projects for building maintenance and capital projects.

➢ Review contract documents as requested by Ermineskin Technical Services staff. ➢ Meet with Ermineskin Technical Services individual program staff as needed/requested.

➢ Attend meetings as needed/requested.

➢ Work with senior financial administrator and Jr. entry file clerk on cash flows, accounting and information systems.

➢ Review and authorize payroll, bill payments, small purchases (gas through purchase order), work order numbers, ordering of supplies, repairs and other necessities as required daily, weekly and monthly.

➢ Analyze monthly financial information to assist in planning financial management policies and the control and use of Ermineskin Technical Services department business assets and make recommendations as needed.

➢ Prepare and monitor the annual budget for the department.

➢ Annually review/revise Ermineskin Technical Services department’s strategic plan including operational plan.

➢ Review and if necessary revise the annual goals and objectives established for the department.

➢ Ensure weekly job schedules are established for Water Conditioning and Building Maintenance.

➢ Assist in the process of tendering projects through building maintenance and capital projects.

➢ Must develop and/or review contract documents pertaining to the department. ➢ Carry out annual evaluations for applicable staff.

➢ Inform applicable staff of service calls made by tribal members for water conditioning.

➢ Address concerns, complaints received from tribal members in the areas of water conditioning, water delivery and the waste transfer station.

➢ Carry out sporadic visual inspections of work performed by Building Maintenance, Water & Sewer Maintenance, Waste Transfer Station operations and Capital construction projects for this department. Responsibility: The Manager must adhere to the policy and procedures established within Ermineskin Technical Services, Ermineskin Personnel Policies, Tribal Laws and Financial Custom-Law.

Job Specifications:

1. Post-secondary degree in the field of Business Commerce, a minimum of five (5) years management experience

2. Must possess a valid driver license

3. Must have good leadership skills

4. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills

5. Must be self-motivated

6. Must be free to travel

7. Must have a good understanding of Financial budgets

8. Must be bondable

9. Must be able to work with others in a professional manner

10. Must be knowledgeable of Project Management

11. Must be a team player

12. Must possess good computer skills

13. Knowledge of the Cree language an asset

14. Must be able to take direction

Please submit your complete application/resume, copies of certificates, Driver Abstract and updated Clean Criminal Record Check.

Applications and actual job descriptions may be picked up at the Personnel office located in the Ermineskin Tribal Administration office

Incomplete Applications will automatically be screened out

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ermineskin Cree Nation Phone: (780) 585-3741 ext. 241 or 311 Personnel Department Edmonton Direct: (780) 420-0008 Box 219 Red Deer Direct: (780) 343-1078 Maskwacîs, AB Ma Me O Beach Direct: (780)586-2545 T0C 1N0 Toll Free: 1-866-585-3941 Email:

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