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Akamihk Child and Family Services Society (ACFSS) Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP) Job Description

ACFSS TAP Worker Employment Opportunity Jan 2024
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TAP Worker Position Summary: Reporting directly to the TAP Supervisor, the TAP Worker will support young adults from care as they transition to adulthood, through the Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP). TAP empowers young adults from care to meet their full potential through self-selection of specialized pathways to support their needs. The Pathways support educational, career, and employment life goals for young adults who are ready to pursue their aspirations. The TAP worker will also provide supportive pathways for clients who require a period of stabilization, focused life skills acquisition, or transition to adult disability programming. The TAP worker will work to maintain and improve upon Child Intervention services, ensure a high standard of practice within the scope of the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act (CYFEA), and will adhere to quality assurance practices of related child intervention legislation, policies, procedures, with the core principles of ACFSS, as well as Adhesion of policy to practice by outlining strategic opportunities to coach, mentor and empower young adults to build life skills, envision a bright future and self-esteem meanwhile nurturing connection to culture, spirituality, traditional language, gender identity and other (sexuality/lgbqt). The TAP Worker is expected to carry out the Provincial mandate, as well as the mandate of Akamihk Child and Family Services, along with other duties as directed by the TAP Supervisor; and ensure that the Maskwacis Traditional Cree Language and Culture are respected, promoted and practiced in all aspects of the ACFSS. Specific Responsibilities and Duties: • Work within established legislation, policy, and regulations while individualizing support for clients; • Provide social and emotional transitional supports • Network and collaborate with multiple social support services such as the Office of the pubic trustee (OPTG), Persons with developmental disabilities (PDD), Assured Income for the severely handicapped (AISH) for the best means of long-term supports (post TAP). • Identify unique challenges that may require additional planning • Familiarity with the provincial court systems (outside of CFS matters) • Provide ongoing support to accessing community resources • Assist with life skills training and development such as, but not limited to: • Healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, communication skills, coping skills, time management, financial management/responsibility, maintaining environment, access resources, physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing, health, grief and loss, stress management, decision making, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, parenting skills (AB, Transition to Adulthood. DFNA orientation presentation August 2022) • Responding to client crisis, ongoing issues, trauma response, and resistance; • Ensuring all clients have the same opportunities/services; • Provide financial assistance to clients; • Provide stability to clients while working within a political environment; • Provide opportunities, such as AISH, PDD, Guardianship to clients who do not readily qualify/are unable to maintain expectations of programming/education/employment; • Work within a new ministry program where unanticipated gaps in policy/program design may exist; • Complete mandate processes within a voluntary adult program where clients may not readily comply; • Relationship building with clients who may be defensive, institutionalized, may have attachment issues, addiction/mental health concerns, and/or highly traumatized; • Work with the youth to support their connection to family, community, and culture; • Must complete CICIO entries and all documentation/reports required as per file standards on all assigned matters • Must be punctual • Must be able to take direction • Work collaboratively will all ACFSS staff • Communicate effectively with all clients, coworkers, service providers, and community members • Must Respect and have knowledge of the Maskwacis Cree Traditional Language and Culture • Must maintain a high level of confidentiality • Must have effective listening and verbal communication skills • Must have knowledge of community resources • Must know and adhere to the code of conduct and ethics of the organization • Willing to attend training that pertains to job duties, as required by ACFSS Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Social Work Diploma or equivalent. • Minimum two (2) years of experience working in Children's Services, social work or equivalent. • Completion of CYFEA Delegation training. CLOSING DATE: February 2nd , 2024 HOW TO APPLY: Please fax or email Cover Letter, Resume, Criminal Record Check, CYIM, 3 references and relevant documents to: Akamihk Child and Family Services Society Attention: Kendra Johnson – Human Resources Fax: 780-585-3066 Email: OR Please note that only candidates short listed for an interview will be contacted. ACFSS wishes to thank all candidates applying for the position.

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