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Employment Opportunity -Temporary Security- 2 Positions ( 1 MALE & 1 FEMALE)

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Temporary Security Christmas Party 2022
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Two (2) Security Personnel are required to control access to the Samson Management Ltd. Staff Christmas Party. They will be required to ensure that there is a safe and pleasant environment. Security will report directly to the Human Resources Manager.

Experience Requirements:

  • Customer Service Oriented

  • Prompt and Reliable

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Ability to work with little Supervision

  • Capable of handling busy periods/heavy crowd flow

  • Bondable

Working Conditions

Security will work the location of where the Samson Management Ltd. staff Christmas party will take place. The position requires standing and walking the entire shift.

Employment Opportunity

The term of this employment is for one (1) evening only. There are two (2) positions available.

Closing Date: December 1, 2022

Interested persons are requested to submit a resume by mail, personally, or fax along with a criminal record check to:

Samson Management Ltd.

Box 539, HobbemaAlberta

Telephone: 585 – 2468 Fax: 585 – 2393

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